Episode 3: David Ellefson and Frank Bello


April 1st, 2020

1 hr 29 mins 41 secs

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Watch a video chat with two iconic bassists from The Big 4: David Ellefson of Megadeth and Frank Bello of Anthrax! In this epic 'double bassists' episode, Dana goes one-on-one with each legendary artist to get the dirt on their respective careers.

First, Dana and Frank talk about the COVID situation in their home-base of New York, writing a new Anthrax album during a pandemic, and how to make the perfect sandwich. Then, David checks in from his basement in Arizona to discuss the origins of thrash metal, and update everyone on Dave Mustaine's health before David and Frank come together to plug their current project, Altitudes and Attitude. Plus, a few lucky metal fans from around the world join the Zoom meeting to ask their own questions personally!

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Frank talks about when Anthrax worked with Eddie Kramer on the album, Among The Living. Kramer is a legendary engineer and producer who collaborated on countless albums by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and KISS. Learn more about Eddie Kramer on his official website [16:15]

Altitudes and Attitude is the band that Frank and David formed together after playing a series of bass clinics together. As if having two members of The Big 4 wasn't epic enough, the band also features Jeff Friedl from A Perfect Circle on drums. Follow Altitudes and Attitude on Facebook for more information. [17:35]

Shout-out to Social Tees Animal Rescue in New York City, a no-kill shelter where Frank adopted his dogs! [28:59]

Our next special guest to join the interview is David Ellefson, metal icon and founding member of Megadeth. David has his own coffee company, with best-selling blends including Roast in Peace, Slave To The Grind, and even a new CBD infused coffee. Check out the whole line of flavors at Ellefson Coffee Company [42:58]

Watch the trailer for The Big 4 DVD that David talks about in this episode. The film follows The Big 4 - Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, and Slayer - as they share the stage in 2010 at the Sonisphere Festival in Bulgaria [45:42]

Listen to Exodus, a Bay Area thrash metal band which featured guitarist Kirk Hammett before he joined Metallica. In this episode, David says, if he had to choose, Exodus should be the honorary 5th member of The Big 4 crew [47:58]

Check out the trailer for Murder In The Front Row: The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story, which captures the rise of thrash metal during the early 80's in California [48:10]

David and Dana discuss sobriety and religion, topics from David's book, My Life With Deth: Discovering Meaning In A Life of Rock N Roll. In the book, 'one of the hardest headbangers of heavy metal shares his uplifting and empowering memoir about overcoming addiction and discovering a life of faith'. Check it out on Amazon and where all books are sold! [1:03:05]

About Frank Bello
He’s the powerhouse bassist for the ultimate thrash metal heroes, Anthrax, and he’s also in the supergroup Altitudes and Attitudes along with David Ellefson of Megadeth.

About David Ellefson
He's the iconic bassist and founding member of the legendary metal band, Megadeth. He's also published several books including My Life With Deth: Discovering Meaning In A Life of Rock N Roll.

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